We have surpassed our number of online orders for pickup. At this time just use the site as a guideline and prepare a wish list prior to dropping by to choose from those potted. If traveling in May/June to visit feel free to send an email to confirm still in stock. To keep up with us follow us on our social media channels or sign up for our newsletter. Hope you are looking forward to gardening as much as us in 2024.

Soloman’s Seal


One of the first to bloom and native.  We sell these by the stem.   Always bare-root and ready to plant.  Not always ready so at times just give us a heads-up via email.   Love the arching stems and bees/hummingbirds adore the nodding white bells in the spring.  Just plant the roots 2″-3″  below the soil.   ** note for every 5 you order you get 2 free.

Part shade   Bloom spring
Ht:  90cm(36″)

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