About Us

Who we are

Gardens Plus is a place to wonder, get inspired and enjoy a self-guided tour of the various display gardens located in all lighting conditions.  Then feel free to shop the greenhouses where some of those same perennials are available for sale.   Please note that the display garden plants are not for sale.  Greenhouses, stock beds, and sales area (with pre-potted perennials) are out back.  

We are all about creating a memorable and enjoyable experience.   We know what we grow and only sell perennial plants that we believe in ourselves.  We truly care and take pride in our customer service. 

The Gardens and Some History

In the fall of 1996, the piece of property was purchased in Donwood and it was just that.  No gardens – no greenhouses – no stock beds – no water collection, etc.  Before this, the perennials offered for sale were only to the clients of the garden installation end of the business.   This installation business is now separated and run by Doug’s Gardening Services.   
Gardens Plus opened the nursery to the general public in the spring of 1997.  

In the first few seasons, all types of perennials were sold and more display gardens were added.  Only one small greenhouse, then two, then two larger ones replacing the smaller versions.  As explained in many talks then the big box stores started to arrive in Peterborough and we found it hard to compete with pricing.  So, started to follow our passion and hearts and a new improved vision evolved.  Decided then to specialize in the perennials we loved the most:  Hosta and Daylilies.  Back in 1999 not many garden centers offered anything more than the 10-20 common varieties.  Then thinking about gardening with ease only added easy-care perennials to the list.
In 1999 we printed our first catalogue for mail order, 2001 completed the first online version of our website.  In 2015 we updated and streamlined the site to ease the process.  These days we have our newest version where you can review our offerings and reserve your choices.    If the cart is available you can place your order for pickup.  Keep in mind when coming to pick up you can browse all the other amazing plants/shrubs and in-house specials not on the website.   
One of the hardest decisions we have made to date was in 2021 to discontinue the very successful Canada-wide mail-order branch of our business.  We promise that if you are within driving distance away we are worth the trip.  Just please always check out hours as they do change from time to time.  We do return the shopping cart for a limited time each February/March for taking a certain number of pre-orders for pickup. Once that number is reached website returns to browsing mode. In 2023 we surpassed this number of orders/plants at 48 hours. Who knows how long the cart will be present in 2024.
2024 is season #27 for us and we have many surprises in the works when you drop in. Please keep following us on all social media channels and here on the website for updates. 

Hence our motto
‘We focus on easy-care perennials so you can enjoy your gardens not just work in them’  

With the help of the amazing Gardens Plus team, we all coordinate the activities of the retail perennial nursery.  Our goal is to create a unique, personalized, and beautiful serene setting; a visit will convince you. You will not be disappointed.  

You will find :

  • An incredible selection of easy-care perennials: Some of the newest in Hosta, Coral Bells, Coneflowers, Natives, Hellebores, Daylilies, and other easy to care for perennials etc.
  • Unique collections of many. Including the newest Hosta ‘First Blush’ with blushing pink in the leaves!
  • The largest selection of perennials in the region, if not in Ontario!
  • a calm, shopping experience with amazing customer service
  • we truly care about our plants, your satisfaction, and our earth (no use of any pesticides/sale of invasives)

We continually strive to display new plants and ideas and keep old classics.