Q & A

Some more common questions

Covid 19 information:  This section will be updated if the ‘situation’ changes in our industry.  Our hope is we open as ‘Normal’ like 2019.  *If Covid an issue for season 2021 we will implement more updates here and do shipping as below and offer online pre-ordering with 0-contact pick up until stock is gone/July 31st.  Just note for 0-contact pickup = orders have to be pre-paid

Why order early?   Each season we plan on our website being updated with new plants, inventory and pricing by early Jan.  At that time you can reserve your selections.  There’s never a rush to place your order, BUT ordering early is a win-win in so many ways.  Some of the advantages are;  easy online  shopping from home, best pricing for some of the early bird specials, not be disappointed in some of the varieties with limited availability.  Some selections are limited! For some stock, special pricing will start in January with some adjustments in February and March. This is best avoided by ordering early.  Then there is also the added bonus to be entered into our early orders draw.

When do you cut off accepting online orders?  As you can all imagine it isn’t possible to keep the website inventory accurate after we open retail.  To make the transition easier for all of us we will be taking away the shopping cart for orders to ship as of  May 4th, 2021.  As for pickup online orders the cart will remain as long as feasible/likely later in June (*understanding that some of the stock numbers would not be 100% accurate).  Know the wish list option is always available when it isn’t present.  After these dates just plan a trip and pick from our amazing pre-potted selection until we close at the end of July. This is the only way to stay on top of inventory etc. 
To find out about any special offers, sign up for our newsletter, and follow us on Face book and Instagram.

Can I just drop in and pick from your pre-potted stock? By all means, see hours on our main page and drop by.  We always have tons to choose from and even lots of very limited stock not on the web site as well as grasses etc that we can not ship.

Order Early and Enter to Win  For each $100 spent before Feb. 2nd,  our customers automatically entered into two different draws.  2021 prizes are:
1)  $50 in plants added to an existing order or a gift certificate for a gift or future order
2)  Pollinator 3 Combo value $26.00

Can I delay my Payment?    We always accept Interac payment via your online bank. Now instead of paying on order day (Jan to end of Feb) to reserve your plants you can hold off payment until on or before March 1, 2021. This way your order keeps its shipping date.  Please note, payment holds are not available for PayPal. Promotional offers and draws only apply to original order.

Picking Up My Order?  To pickup your order, select the “pickup” option when checking out your cart.  More details to follow on the check out process.

Pay at Pick-up?  We have always offered a “pay at pickup option” if you would rather make payment at our location. Select your choice of payment when checking out and completing your order.  (*Please note if Covid still an issue and we are only offering 0-contact pickup this means orders have to be paid prior to picking up.  *Interac is the option unless paid when placed via Paypal.)

What can I expect when I order?  You will receive an emailed copy of your order as soon as your order is confirmed/placed.  More details to follow on your shipping date choices. 

On the day when your order is shipped we notify you via ‘Order is Completed’ email.  Also another from Canada Post with tracking information. If not received next day or two and after checking your Community Mail Box if applicable – please use tracking link to check status.  At times a day or so delay could happen but all packages should be received by Wednesday/Thursday.  Once your package has been delivered, the box is your responsibility.  We can not be responsible for stolen parcels.  Please store in a cool spot until able to plant and weather permits etc.  

What can I expect to be shipped in the way of plants? We have been shipping since 1999 and truly take pride in our plants. We only ship #1 quality and size, not small liners/plugs like a lot of the large warehouse companies. All plants come with name tags.  
For Hosta, we test and only purchase from the handful of growers that guarantee that they are HVX free.  We do not cut leaves of any plants with the exception of daylilies.   Plants are not shipped in pots. This prevents damage and less soil for weight.  That would make shipping costs way more than we charge.

Do you guarantee your plants?  We only ship plants (not plugs) that are fresh and healthy. We take care in packaging every plant to withstand any issues while in transit, but cannot control what happens once they are re-planted. Choosing for your zone, property lighting and care when the plants arrive are your responsibility. Please plant in the cooler part of the day(not in hot weather), and water well once planted, holding off any watering again for a few days.  Letting plants settle in is perfectly fine. Typically, plants lacking water will grow roots to find the moisture they’re looking for. 
If you have any concerns please contact us before their health becomes an issue.  We are here to help, we care about the plants and your gardens!  We love what we do and are always an email away!

How do I start to shop and set up an account?  To register, All you need to set up your account is your current email and choice of password. To register, click on SHOP, then select MY ACCOUNT. To have the website remember your password each time you log in, select “remember me” after entering your password. Once your order is placed, the website will prompt for your shipping information. 

I have all my plants selected and having issues checking out?
The most common issues are: 
·   You may just need to set up an account (just your email address and you set a password- see above), input your address for shipping and if the same as billing uncheck the box and terms and conditions box has to be checked to finish. 
·  Did you forget your password?  Go to MY ACCOUNT and click lost my password. The website will provide a new one. It is safe to click the ‘remember me’.  It makes it easier for next time and saves you from having to log in. It helps with using the wish list feature.

If I pay by Pay Pal what currency does it charge me?  All our prices and charges are in Canadian dollars.


How do you ship?  We ship using Express Post/expedited with Canada Post.  The Shipping/Handling fee that we charge covers shipping cost (+ fuel surcharge they charge us), box cost, time to pack etc.  We have found this option to be the most economical and predictable option since 1999 and it provides excellent tracking (obviously issues with 2020).

When do you ship? We ship most orders on Mondays & Tuesdays so that you will have your package by the weekend at the latest.  We have found that waiting to ship in late spring has had the best results.  We are zone 5b so this is usually early-May most seasons. We will continue to ship until early June only to prevent orders being in the trucks that are driving around in the heat etc. 
We ship orders out on a first come, first serve basis, but also take into consideration what zone you live in, plant selection, and any dates you indicate (in your order comments) if later than we have scheduled.   If you are planning on being away in May or June please let us know in your order comments so we can accommodate.
We truly care about the plants and your gardens.  We ship when you can plant them directly into the warm soil.  Due to Mother Nature and the weather changing at times you may want to delay your order.  No problem, just give us a week or so notice if you would like to change the tentative date we set when the order was originally received.  We ship all your plants together and at times we have to hold your order back if some of your selections are not ready, such as Coneflowers which need more time here in the greenhouses, warmth to grow and warm soil to transplant in.

Where do you ship?  At this point we are only shipping to overnight destinations.  Toronto area to Ottawa, ON.

How much is shipping? Peterborough to Greater Toronto & East to Ottawa  This is postal codes that start with K and M  ** We are still working on adding some of the closer ‘L’codes
Flat rate of  $16.00 up to $124.99.  If over $125. add 12% and over $300 10%
Please note, once your order is placed your rate is secured.  Rates can change at anytime due to fluctuations in rates to us. 
If you are not going to be home to accept the package, please consider changing the shipping address before placing your order to your local Post office, your workplace or where someone is home.   A safe drop is where the box is out of sight of the street, protected from heat and weather.   We always suggest leaving a note on your door where to place the package in a suggested safer, cooler -private place.  Often beside the shed/side door/garage is in the shade and always out of sight.   

Should I wait to place my order when I am ready to plant? If you do this you are taking a chance they could be sold out and then not available. If you order January/February/March you have the best chance of obtaining your chosen shipping week when you place your order.  

I placed my order for shipping and now would like to pick up? No worries.  Just email us and let us know.  We will refund you the shipping previously charged and you let us know when you’d like to pick up.  *see our hours prior to emailing this saves a lot of back and forth.

How do I plant? and where in the gardens?
planting sketch

How to plant is easy but there are key factors to keep in mind;

We like to ship to you when you are safe to plant.  Meaning no frost at night and ground temperature has warmed up.  Then planting in the cooler / less sunny part of the day is also best.  

Lighting is key!  Plant where the plant will thrive. For example: 

·   Daylilies & Coneflowers in lots of sun.  

·  Hosta, ferns, coral bells in part shade;  morning sun area or filtered sunny area. Always dig the hole 2 x’s the width of the plant and if a Hosta work in some compost/manure now!  Spread the roots out over a mound of dirt in the middle and water. Then add the dirt back to have the plants crown at soil level. The site/tags also can give you additional information like heights etc. 

·   In extreme heat,  please water accordingly.

Hosta and Slugs/snails?  How do you control them?
We use 1 part household ammonia (grocery stores only sell lemon-scented these days and it is fine) and 9 parts water. Spray the plants early or later in the day. Start when the Hosta are not up yet, then when eyes appear then when leafed out.  If you see any holes, spray again on those plants only. If it gets on other plants not to worry, it will not hurt them. If you are reading this and they have already been leafed out for a bit – it’s not too late! Use the same solution, just do it once a week for three weeks.

You can even get a head start by doing this in the fall to be one step ahead of the spring.  You can just use a watering can if no sprayer. If you see any frogs or toads – do not do this area they will do the job for you!

Cutting back perennials? 
The rule of thumb is to cut back the flowering stocks after the plant is finished blooming.  Letting it go to seed takes energy from the roots. If the plant looks raggy, cut more back. If you have lots of time in the spring to garden, hold off clean up until then, or just cut back the spring blooming ones.   I never cut back my grasses in the fall, as they have great seed heads to admire all winter long.

Dividing perennials? 
After it is done blooming is a great time to divide, or keep in mind; Spring bloomers 6-8 weeks before first frost and Summer/Fall bloomers in spring.

Heuchera are coming up out of the soil?
The one thing to watch for is winter heaving – with the thaw-freeze back and forth they do tend to push up out of the ground more than a lot of other perennials.  We try to get out early with the lawn is blooming with crocuses and inspect and push the plants back down.
* Please note Mini Hosta also do this and we suggest planting with some sand or light gravel in the mix.