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Welcome to Gardens Plus!

Your Hosta, Daylily, Coral Bell, Coneflower and other easy-care Perennial source that truly cares. ‘Grow with us’  Located in Peterborough, Ontario

Plan to make Gardens Plus and the Kawarthas one of your 2019 destinations.  Bus Tours, conference guests and groups welcome.  Feel free to see the gardens (virtually) ahead of time by checking out the tours page.  

Come to see for yourself why ‘Gardening Life’ magazine selected our Display Gardens & Greenhouses as ‘One of the Top 40 Boutique Nurseries’ in Canada.  See Events for more on our annual ‘Hosta Fest’ and ‘Daylilies in Bloom’.   Can not make the trip we ship Canada wide.

We ship when you are ready to plant and the plants are ready at our end.  Usually, start early May.  We are not in the business of shipping plugs.  We ship plants and not in April when it is too early for most.  

If you are planning a trip and looking to pick up a specific plant(s) it’s a great idea to place your order ahead of time.  Great way to reserve your selections to save disappointment if not potted when you arrive or even sold out.  Keep in mind you can start pre-ordering as early as January 1st each season.   Learn why ordering early is always win-win  😉 on our Q & A page

We even offer the option to pay at pick up when checking out online.   Note our potted selection is always abundant so lots to choose from in every plant category to drop in anytime during business hours.  

During May-July most orders for shipping/pick up are prepared when the temperatures are cooler in early am prior to when we open. This works better to serve you best and also because we care about our plants and your satisfaction.