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Welcome to Gardens Plus!

Your Hosta, Daylily, Coral Bell, Coneflower and other easy-care Perennial source that truly cares. ‘Grow with us’  Located in Peterborough, Ontario 

Plan to make Gardens Plus and the Kawarthas one of your 2020 destinations.  Bus Tours, conference guests and groups welcome.  Feel free to see the gardens (virtually) ahead of time by checking out the tours page.  

Come to see for yourself why ‘Gardening Life’ magazine selected our Display Gardens & Greenhouses as ‘One of the Top 40 Boutique Nurseries’ in Canada.  See Events for more on our annual ‘Hosta Fest’ and ‘Daylilies in Bloom’.   If you can’t visit us in person pick from those already potted, place an order ahead of time for specific choices for pick up or for shipping as we ship Canada wide.

We ship when you are ready to plant directly in your gardens.  Due to our zone (5b) and climate we usually start shipping the earliest placed orders in May (of course we always consider your zone).  

If you are planning a trip and looking to pick up a specific plant(s) we strongly suggest placing your order ahead of time.  This is a great way to reserve your selections.  Saves disappointment if not already potted when you arrive or sold out.  Keep in mind you can start ordering as early as January.   Learn why ordering early is always win-win  😉 on our Q & A page

Because we care about our plants and your satisfaction, orders are prepared for shipping in the cooler part of the day.  Accept orders online until early-mid July due to the unpredictability in the weather.  Please note after our Garden Center  location season ends often we redo inventories on the website for early fall shipping again.
We know what we grow,  sell plants that we believe in and only pot up/ship quality #1 size we would purchase ourselves as gardeners. 

Gardens Plus is all about easy care perennials so you can enjoy your gardens not just work in them.