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Sombrero Rosada


Are you looking for the perfect, consistent Coneflower for your garden? Give any of the SOMBRERO® series a try. Compact in size, SOMBRERO® Rosada has bright rose-pink flowers with dark purple stems.  Standing 18-20 inches tall and spreading 18-22 inches wide, like all the others in the SOMBRERO® series they hold up up on sturdy, well-branched stems with deep green foliage. They start blooming in early summer and continue to bring joy all summer long. We recommend deadheading to increase your flower power. Enjoy the flutter of hummingbirds, butterflies, and bees in the summer and as the seasons turn, the songbirds will enjoy the seeds of the spent blooms. Coneflowers are a staple plant to any sun-loving garden and can tolerate drought.

Attracts butterflies and bees
Deer resistant
Full sun Blooms July to September +
Height: 50cm(20″)

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