Penstemon Onyx and Pearls


Named after two polar opposite colors of gemstones, onyx is in reference to its dark foliage and pearls refers to its soft lavender flowers with white interiors. From a distance, the flowers look white. Compared to ‘Blackbeard’, this is a taller, fuller plant with more contrasting lighter colored flowers.  Like all of our Penstemons, this one takes the heat and humidity in stride but is also very cold hardy. It continues to provide terrific color in the landscape all season long.
Penstemons are very drought tolerant perennials that are easy to grow and are rarely bothered by insects or diseases. Plant them in full sun and watch as hummingbirds feast on their delicious nectar.  Zone 4

Attracts bees, butterflies and attracts hummingbirds
Full sun   Blooms early-late summer
Height: (90cm)36″  Diameter: (60cm)24+″


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