Sorry if just discovering us now when we are closed for our season.
Our shopping cart has been removed as the pre-ordering option has ceased until it returns once the site has been updated for season #26 - 2023. Likely return around Feb for a limited time. We have big plans to dig some of the stock beds for next year to keep our pricing as low as possible with all the increases in plants, pro mix, pots, etc.

Lovely Lolly


Signature deep purple stems host a fully double coneflower in deep pink with purple stems. Prefers full sun but will tolerate moderate shade once established.  Looks more like a Dahlia. We actually had this variety in 2021 and held it back from the website as is isn’t ready to go until later May-early June.  Sold out fast!  Ordered more in for 2022.   Zone 5

Attracts butterflies, birds and bee friendly
Deer and rabbit resistant
Full sun Blooms July to September * later some seasons depending on your zone/weather
Height: 45cm(16-18″)

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