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Jack in the Pulpit


Jack in the Pulpit (Arisaema triphyllum) is a perennial plant native to the Eastern North American woodlands. Jack in the Pulpit grows in shady, damp areas. It loves wet boggy soil and can frequently be found along the banks of streams. The larger the plant, the larger and older the corm.  In our area, the flowers appear in May through June depending on the species. Their distinctive shape gives the plant its name. The spadix which contains the male and female flowers is the “Jack” in Jack in the Pulpit. The spathe that arches over the spadix is the “pulpit” from which “Jack” preaches. The spathe is usually green, but it is striped green and maroon in some species.  Zone 4

Dappled to part shade Woodland
Height: 30cm(12″) Diameter: 30cm(12″)

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