Sorry we are not accepting anymore pre-orders for shipping/pickup. We need this time to prepare the plants for early orders already placed, get the shelves filled and ready for everyone else that drops by when we are open. Sorry absolutely no more email/phone orders. Please use the site as a guide and bring your wish list with you to streamline your in person safe shopping experience. Promise to add surprise plants each week to shelves not found on the site.

Invincible Spirit


Seedling of ‘Invincible’ with glossy chartreuse rippled and pointed leaves held mostly upright showing off the red petioles. Needs some am sun for best colour. Does turn to more green later in the season.  Can handle a bit more sun.  Will have more stock available for fall orders in early September.
Fragrant lavender flowers in late summer.

Height: 45cm(18″) 
Diameter at Maturity 90cm(36”)

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