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Butterfly weed


Asclepias tuberosa     Perennial of the Year 2017 
We will be selling them in 2024 in gallon pots – flower 1st year – not seedlings.  Bringing them in from field grown #1 stock. Butterfly weed is a native perennial with flat-topped, bright orange or yellow flower clusters at the ends of its stems or leaf axils. From midsummer to autumn, it produces clusters of brightly colored flowers that attract insects, followed by fruit and showy seed. Plant in a border, meadow, butterfly garden, or wildflower garden.  Makes an excellent cut flower too.   This plant’s milky white sap may irritate the skin. Its stiff, thick branches may act as treillage to support weaker neighboring plants.   For future seasons keep in mind it may be slow to emerge in spring – so mark them well so you do not plant over top or weed them out.    They have taproots and resent disturbance.  We also have smaller pots for $7.95 – likely more to bloom 2nd year than 1st.   Zone 3

Full Sun    Blooms July to Early Fall
Attract butterflies, Bees, and Hummingbirds
Height:  60cm(24″)


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