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Astrantia Star of Fire


Astrantia, or Masterwort, is a wonderful woodland plant that prefers cool, moist, part to shade places rich in organic matter. Once they start flowering these plants bloom all summer long – from late May/early June to August and at times reblooms! Star of Fire is an especially vigorous grower that produces clusters of unique burgundy-red starry flowers that are accented by tall purple stems. Flowers are cupped with colorful star-shaped bracts that remain attractive even after blooms are spent. Astrantia makes great cut flowers and is also great as a backdrop to your east Hosta gardens.  Zone 4

Deer-resistant, Butterfly and Bee friendly
Full sun to part shade
Blooms Late May-late Aug
Height: 60cm(24″)
Diameter at Maturity: 60cm(24″)

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