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Astilbe Dark Side of the Moon


One of the many New Proven Winner’s Selections
We do not usually carry Astilbe as it craves moisture more often than many other easy-care perennials but this one is pretty special for our lineup.
An instant classic for the landscape! ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ is the only dark-leafed Astilbe with purple flowers that’s on the market. Rich deep chocolate burgundy leaves form an incredibly attractive mound of foliage. Emerging leaves are yellow with a dark margin with a glossy sheen that becomes completely dark as they age. Dark stems hold raspberry buds that burst forth with rosy purple flowers. This performs best both for growing and flowering in full sun in the north with adequate moisture but also grows in shade.  A member of Astilbe chinensis (Chinese Astilbe). A later blooming species is useful for extending the bloom season into late summer.  Zone 5

Bee Friendly
Deer and Rabbit resistant
Best in Part shade to Full shade Blooms later June – July/August
Height: 50cm(20″)

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