Our shopping cart has been removed as the pre-ordering option hasn't started for 2023 yet. Hoping it returns when we complete all the updates around mid-Feb for a limited time. We have big plans to dig some of the stock beds for next year to keep our pricing as low as possible with all the increases in plants, pro mix, pots, etc.

Assorted mix


These are a mix of unnamed and named, registered, and in some cases mature fans of seedlings we are not going to register.  Great value for filling an area and being surprised.  It may include any range of sizes, colours and heights.  Not labeled at all.   Often include some that we have had for sale for 10.95-18.95 that we are just discontinuing due to the lack of inventory.  Ends up a surprise pack.  Always a mix of 4-7 varieties.
You receive 8 cut-back single bare root fans ready for planting.  At times we leave fans together so you know they are the same variety.   If picked up by early June they often will bloom this season.   ** May not bloom first year** We prepare them pm prior to pickup. So need min. 3 days notice- always – just pop us an email with Assorted Mix in heading if shopping cart isn’t available and nursery still open for seasonal sales.

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