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Welcome to Gardens Plus! 

  • Colourful flowerbed at the entrance to Gardens Plus

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    We focus on easy care perennials so you can enjoy your gardens, not just work in them!
  • Gardens Plus - Grow with us etched on a Large granite boulder, in a bed of perennials.

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    Growing easy care perennials since 1997.
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    We love cone flowers but keep in mind they really do need a full sun-dry spot!
  • Pasque flower alba

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    This is one of the many perennials that we do not ship! Drop in during posted hours to check them all out!
  • mixed daylilies

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    Boy do we have daylilies. All behave themselves/form clumps, not like the old fashion orange one!

‘Grow with us!’  Located in Peterborough, ON  Canada

Your Canadian Hosta, Daylily, Coral Bells, Cone flowers and other easy care Perennial source that truly cares.

Bus Tours, conference guests and groups welcome.  To check out the gardens (virtually) ahead of time see our tours page.  Plan to make the Kawarthas and Gardens Plus one of your 2016 Gardens destinations.    

Come see for yourself why ‘Gardening Life’ magazine selected our Display Gardens & Greenhouses as ‘One of the Top 40 Boutique Nurseries’ in Canada! See Events for info on our annual ‘Hosta Fest’, ‘Daylilies in Bloom’ and Workshops for Charity.

Remember to check out our information on our annual events – like ‘Hosta Fest’ annually in early July and ‘Daylilies in Bloom’ during peak bloom season in later July – can not wait? We do mail order as well.  If local and during non-business hours shop away and just arrange pick up! You can pre-order as well.