Timeless Glow

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Chartreuse yellow foliage has a silver overlay and matures to lime green. Foliage colour is best in partial sunlight and greener in full shade. Intense, rich rose pink flowers contrast beautifully with the bright foliage. The foliage is more chartreuse yellow than the silver gray of ‘Berry Timeless’.

Breeders have come a long way with creating Heucheras with fantastic flowers, but this one also has very attractive, lightly silvered, mint green foliage that forms a compact, dense clump. The flowers stand in perfect proportion and contrast to the foliage.

Attracts butterflies, bees and hummingbirds
Deer resistant
Part shade to full shade  Blooms Spring-summer
Height: 20cm(8″)
Spread: 40cm(16″)

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