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Orchid Hardy striata


Bletilla straita is a delicate looking short light purple hardy orchid for the part shade.  Appreciates a bit of consistent moisture.  Tip:  In the garden, a humus-rich, light, aired and well-drained soil is recommended. You can air your soil using compost for hardy perennials. For an optimal result, add 20% of lava stone (vulca, pumice, pouzzolane, perlite…) in order to maintain good moistness in summer and to ensure good drainage during the winter. Indeed, more than intense frost, it is excess water in winter that proves to be the pseudobulbs’ worst enemy.  Bletilla are fairly rustic orchids, so they should be protected by mulch in winter in the regions where the temperature regularly descends below -20°C.  Makes them a Zone 6

Deer and rabbit resistant
Part shade   Blooms Early summer
Height: 40cm(16″)

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