Lemon Lily


Hemerocallis lilioasphodelus is commonly called lemon daylily.  One of the first to bloom and has a wonderful fragrance.  Features 4″, trumpet-shaped, lemon yellow bloom. Individual flowers open up for 1-2 days. This species daylily has flower scapes rising up to 3′ tall from a clump of arching, strap-shaped, medium green leaves. Valued for early bloom period (May-June) and very fragrant flowers.  In cultivation, since the 16th century, this early summer-flowering species was found in the wild and became known as the ‘Lemon Lily’. The charm of its plentiful flowers and delightful fragrance has made it a popular addition to gardens and landscapes. It has as many as 8 to 12 clear yellow blooms in a flowerhead on 24 to 36 ” clump-forming plants with fine, strap-like foliage. Excellent for naturalizing requiring little care.

Extra Early-Mid Season
Height: 60cm(24″+) double fan

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