Our shopping cart has been removed as the pre-ordering option hasn't started for 2023 yet. Hoping it returns when we complete all the updates around mid-Feb for a limited time. We have big plans to dig some of the stock beds for next year to keep our pricing as low as possible with all the increases in plants, pro mix, pots, etc.

Daylily Deal 2023


While working on the gardens we pull some that are so limited in stock that they are not worth listing for sale. Value $3.95-$7.50+ per fan/stem.  Please preorder when the site accepts orders in Feb/Mar for pickup in May or email ahead of time if May-Jun 17th to preorder to save them for you(2 days in advance).  There will be 3 offers and no limit to how many.  We will dig a mix of fresh most mornings before we open – when orders are pre-booked ahead of time.
Offer #1 – 10 fans for $25.00 (2.50 per fan)
Offer #2 – place an order for 2 combos and you will be given 25 fans for the $50.00 ( 2.00 per fan)
or Offer #3 – place an order for 3 combos and you will be given 45+ fans for $75.00 ( 1.65 per fan)
*all plus HST.  Each offer is a mix of single bare root fans not labeled ready to plant. 

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