Sorry we are now closed for the season. We will be spending this time working on the gardens, inventory, firming up spring ordering from our growers and then the website. Our plan is to return the shopping cart in Feb/Mar for 6-8 weeks for pickup order reservations in May/early June. Please note we will not be adding all the plants available - so always way more to see when you drop by. 2022 Hours tent. Thursday to Sunday 10-4 early May to ??

Blue Elf


This newer Hosta from Hans Hansen and Walters Gardens hybridizing delivers what other miniature Hosta promised-with truly blue leaves. Compared to the ever popular ‘Blue Mouse Ears’, ‘Blue Elf’ has a similar short height but with larger leaves (about 2.5-3″ across) and true powdery blue leaves, about the same colour as ‘Fragrant Blue’. Perfectly proportionate to the size of the plant, shorter flower spikes yield lavender flowers in midsummer. ‘Blue Elf’ is the perfect size for fairy gardens or troughs!

Height: 20cm(8″)   Slug resistant
Diameter at Maturity: 30cm(12″)

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