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Blue Elf Sedum


Sunsparkler Series – we sell these in smaller 4 1/2″ pots
Worldwide breeding breakthrough! x Sedoro ‘Blue Elf’ is the world’s first Sedum and Orostachys hybrid.  During the past six years of outdoor field trial evaluations, it was decided to propagate and launch this delightful compact 3″ tall ground cover hybrid!  BEST of both parents – the Orotstachys parent gives steel-blue tufted foliage rosettes growing to a compact 3″ tall and 15″ wide and the Sedum parent give Sedoro Blue Elf its bright pink flowers in late summer.

Plants of Blue Elf create a perfect drought-proof groundcover growing to a height of only 3″ tall x 18″ wide.  Forms many multiple branches from a single stem

The colourful and ultra-compact foliage of this new groundcover Sedum combines beautifully with yellow-leaved Sedum Angelina, Blue Festuca grass, & hardy Munstead Lavender.

Attracts Butterflies, bee friendly, deer and rabbit resistant
Full Sun Blooms late summer to fall
Height: 7.5cm(3″)

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