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Native Ground cover Cornus canadensis
Also know as dwarf cornel, creeping dogwood.  It is offical this plant is the National plant for Canada as of November 2017!
A beautiful and unique species of dogwood, prevalent throughout Canada from cool, moist woodlands to mountain ranges and sphaghnum bogs. This mat-forming stoloniferous species is deciduous, sending up distinctive dogwood leaves in spring, followed by white flowers (actually showy bracts) late spring to summer. If pollinated, clusters of vibrant red berries form against a beautiful backdrop of bronze-red fall colour. Ideal in smaller plantings under conifers, in combination with other native woodland species or ferns.  This plant needs a bit more moiture than most of our other ground covers but very popular and requested often. So decided to add it in 2017 and ship them also. If your garden soil is light-textured or gravelly, blend in compost and peat moss for moisture retention. Plant at soil surface and mulch thinly (1-2″); conifer needles make great mulch for this plant. Direct afternoon sun and wind exposure can burn leaves.  No ongoing maintenance needs required except watering during hot spells.    Blooms white   Zone 2-6

Part shade to full shade     Blooms    Spring – summer
Height:  10-20cm(4″-8″)
Spread: 30-60cm(12″-24″)






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